At Visibility we embrace all kinds of healthy lifestyle choices. We recently took part in two walking challenges, have participated in various 10k and 5k running events, pedal for Scotland cycle event and a few of us have gone a step further and entered the Coast to Coast event for September 2014! Cycling to work is a wonderful opportunity, which Visibility have actively encouraged and facilitated, for those of us who are able and willing. It’s not practical for everyone but for those of us who do cycle in it’s very simply a fantastic way to keep fit, keep green and an additionally benefits those who are training for challenging events. We all feel passionately about keeping safe to so any tips and advice around this area and general road cycling would be great. A couple of employees hopped on their bikes for the first time this summer and one of them has already started cycling in when possible. Many more employees are keen to be involved. This forum is a positive way to share ideas and encourage cycling as an alternative mode of transport as well as a leisure activity. Keep cycling! http://visibility.org.uk

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