What's a BUG?

A Bicycle User Group is a workplace forum for cyclists of all levels that supports and encourages cycling. 

ScotBUG makes setting up your BUG easy to do and, best of all, it's completely free.

ScotBUG not only makes it easy to set up a BUG it also adds even more reason to start one. By joining ScotBUG you will:

  • make your workplace more cycle-friendly by supporting you and your colleagues in cycling to work;
  • create a place to discuss all cycling related issues in your work place;
  • create a place to promote cycling events to your work place and other work places around Scotland;
  • gain access to the expertise and services of Scotland's bike recycling charity the Bike Station;
  • take a step closer to becoming one of Cycling Scotland's Cycle Friendly Employers;
  • give your management a one-stop-shop for consulting on cycling issues;
  • connect your BUG up with other BUGs around the country;
  • have a place to demonstrate your employer's committment to cycling with the customisable and publicly viewable homepage.

ScotBUG from Cycling Scotland/Bike Station offers you all the support you need for successful workplace cycling.

Register your BUG now and get connected with Scotland's cycle commuting community.