Welcome to ABDNbike!

This is the Scotbug page for the University of Aberdeen, and is a place to keep up to date with events, news and plans relating to cycling on campus.

Over the next six months, I am employed as the University's Campus Cycling Officer, and I am going to be trying to promote cycling as much as possible in this time, with a view to working towards Cycling Scotland's Cycle Friendly Campus Award.

We are hoping to have new events running regularly, and I am exploring options for how to improve the safety and enjoyment of cycling for all those who work and study here.

Utilising the views, ideas and most importantly the enthusiasm of our students and staff is going to be essential to the success of our work, and I hope that this is the start of great things for cycling at our University and in the city as a whole.

I have created a survey for everyone to offer their opinion on both the current situation and some of the proposed projects and ideas we have for the future, and this will be essential evidence of what the students and staff really want to see enacted on campus.

I am going to be holding public consultations very soon where we can chat about your ideas and see what we can bring to life.

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