Bike Corridor

Edinburgh Council is now consulting on:

 A 'Quality Bike Corridor' (QBC) from Princes Street, via Potterrow, to Kings Buildings.

As this includes the direct route from LB/GB to CB I thought you would be interested to know. I also thought it would be good to send a response for the NLS Bike Users Group (BUG). If you have any thoughts on this proposal please send your comment to:    and/or if wish to contribute your thoughts to our Bug response please forward them to me and I’ll collate them, circulate them then send them off.
This from the EDC website:
A Quality Bike Corridor from George IV Bridge to King's Buildings is being proposed for development by the Council. The corridor would include new cycle lanes and bus lanes, and changes to the parking and loading restrictions along the route so that these lanes aren't blocked as often by stationary vehicles.
The Buccleuch Street/Causewayside/Mayfield corridor is very important for cyclists commuting in and out of the city centre, and travelling to and between the King's Buildings and University of Edinburgh's Central Area campuses.
The measures outlined aim to:
  • improve the safety and attractiveness of the corridor for cyclists
  • improve bus priority
  • address demand for kerbside parking and loading
To view the proposed changes please see the scheme drawings.
Detailed plans of the proposed Quality Bike Corridor will be on display at Newington Library, 17-21 Fountainhall Road, EH9 2LN (15 November - 29 November).
Public drop-in sessions will also be staffed by representatives of the Council at St. Catherine's Argyle Church, 61 Grange Road, EH9 1TY on the following dates: 1 December (5pm - 8pm) and 2 December (5pm - 8pm)
Your views on the Quality Bike Corridor scheme are important to us. If you wish to express your views or provide comments on the scheme, please email [email protected], or write to:
Quality Bike Corridor Consultation, Freepost NAT 18051, Edinburgh, EH1 1BR (no stamp required)
The consultation will run from 1 November to 10 December 2010.
There is also a proposal for a wide-area 20mph zone from Blackford Hill to the Meadows and from Morningside Road to Prestonfield.

These form two early steps in the Council's new Active Travel Action Plan.

[closing date 10 December]

It is very important for people who use the area to respond to the council consultations.

If you don't have much time or don't have any detailed comments a brief email is still important, as there will certainly be opposition to some of the proposals - e.g. the QBC plans will greatly restrict hours for car parking and loading (although not many car spaces will be removed) and in the 20mph consultation there may well be a lot of argument about which roads should remain at 30mph.

For example, if you don't have time to look at the details you could respond with something on the lines that you cycle in area, you welcome all proposals to improve conditions for getting around by bicycle, and you would like the plans to be as strong as possible.  You could make similar general comments about the need for the 20mph zone to cover as many roads as possible (if you think that).