Welcome to IKEA Edinburgh Bicycle User Group for IKEA Edinburgh Co-Workers.

It's a forum to share news and views to help make your bike ride to and from work easier and even more fun.  But it's not just about work!!!  Cycling is a great activity for keeping fit and healthy.  Cycling is booming at the moment and the more we can help each other with answering any questions relating to routes, technical information, how to stay safe, what bike to use or anything that needs an answer then this forum can help!!!!  Just hit the register button and you can start a journey of discovery.  Why not leave a message on our wall!!  If you need any details about our site or need help with cycling information in general then you can contact [email protected].

With the fantastic Cycle2Work scheme about to start on the 1st of September we will use this site as one of the main methods of communication.  The cycle2work scheme allows co-workers to purchase a bike from Halfords and make savings of upto 34% on the cost of a bike from Halfords.  More information is now available on the cycle2work page.





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