Welcome to Glasgow University's Bike Users Group. 


 The Bicycle User Group at University of Glasgow is a group consisting of University employees and students who regularly cycle from and to their place of work and study.Membership of the group is informal and open to any staff member and student at the University, especially those who cycle and those who agree with the objectives of the group!

The aims of the group are:

  • To create an environment that is encouraging to those who wish to cycle. This means an improvement of cycle facilities (bicycle parking, shower/changing facilities) and in cycle conditions (routes, access, lighting and ground surface).

  • To improve cycle security and safety for cyclists and pedestrians;

  • To support the organisation of University events which raise the profile of cycling or provide a service for cyclists. This could be bicycle training and maintenance workshop, social rides, slide shows, etc.;

  • To share information and advice on routes, products, tricks and tips;

  • To improve attitudes towards cycling and encourage more staff and students to commute by bicycle, including the support of new cyclists.


This year GU BUG hopes to get more students and staff talking about cycling and being involved in bike maintanence, critical mass, bike hire schemes and any other cycling related activities we can think of. 

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