Welcome to NHS Lanarkshire's Bike User Group

For cycling events throughout the year, see: bikeeventsscotland.com.

If you're just getting into cycling, see NHS Inform's Cycling page.


Cyclescheme works with employers to allow you to buy a bicycle and save on tax. It's paid for in installments taken off your salary (before tax is calculated so you pay less tax). You can include accessories like lights, locks, etc. in the 'package' that you buy.

You choose your goods at a participating bike shop then get a quote. You submit that through your account on the Cyclescheme website. Once it's been processed by the Finance dept, you get a voucher to take to the bike shop to exchange for your bike (and/or accessories).

After a fixed period, you pay a small one-off fee to keep the bike. For more information, see this page: www.cyclescheme.co.uk/get-a-bike/how-it-works. You can also watch this video: www.cyclescheme.co.uk/help/introduction-video.

Route Finder

Cyclestreets route finder is available as an app on your mobile phone or online at: www.cyclestreets.net. Not all areas have complete cycle data but it has useful options like plotting either quieter routes, with less traffic, or more direct routes. It can also reverse the route for return journeys. The website version includes a 'photomap' with images to let you see how cycle paths, parking stands, barriers, etc. actually look on the ground.